Chelsea Lifetime Range

Chelsea Lifetime Range
Convertible Nursery Furniture
Affordable Quality | Unrivalled Versatility

The Chelsea Cot has been thoughtfully designed to adapt from Cot to Toddler Bed.  When your child is ready to move into a bed, the Double Bed Extension Kit can be purchased to convert the cot to a full size double bed.  

Having another baby?  We have the Sibling Extension Kit available to purchase which consists of two extra sides and legs.  Keep your first baby in the double bed, and use the remaining pieces of your initial cot plus the Sibling Extension Kit to create a whole new cot for your baby at an affordable price.

We are experiencing delays in our next shipment of Chelsea Lifetime Cots due to factory production schedules and Chinese New Year.  Our next shipment will arrive in May 2020.

Family = Everything!  

Chelsea Lifetime Range | Perfect for the growing family.